Barry Unterbrink graduated from Stetson University with a degree in finance. He helped start New River Bank in Oakland Park and served on the board of directors. The bank later merged into the Mizner/First United chain. Barry directed research at Maritime Asset Management advisory firm and Consensus of Insiders publication and later purchased controlling interest in the firms managing $80 million in client assets. He also co-founded Priority Securities to execute client trades at reduced commissions. 

Stetson Wealth Management was formed to serve medium- to high-net-worth individuals and business owners. As a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) since 1998, he specializes in income and savings planning for retirees and those in pre-retirement. He is licensed as an insurance agent under various states as well. Barry is active in his church and civic/charitable organizations. He is past President of the Stock & Bond Club of South Florida and a member since 1982. 

​ Barry and his father Larry have appeared on numerous radio and television financial programs such as The Nightly Business Report with Paul Kangas, and Wall Street Week with Louis Reykeyser. Favorable comments and articles about Stetson Wealth Management have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes magazines, The South Florida Business Journal, Barron's, the Sun-Sentinel, and the Herald. 
 The principals of Stetson Wealth Management are Barry Unterbrink, Managing Director and Larry Unterbrink, Director of Research. We have served investors from South Florida since 1968 after moving from our home in Northwest Ohio. 

In 1973, our firm began actively managing pensions and private accounts. Our system and management prowess placed Stetson Wealth Management's track record in the top five percent of all managed pension funds with assets totaling $100 million.

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As second generation investment counselors, we have managed up to $100 million in accounts for individuals and retirement plans dating back to 1973.

Our History

​    Larry Unterbrink has operated successful businesses in the publishing, real estate and  manufacturing sectors dating back to the 1950s. Two such business interests were sold to Servicemaster Company and Brunswick Corporation. The publishing business here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida produced the "Consensus of Insiders" investment newsletter continuously for 30 years. 

Larry graduated magna cum laude from John Carroll University, served as an officer in the U.S. Army, and was an Eagle Scout. Larry and his wife currently reside in Deerfield Beach and are blessed with five children and seven grandchildren. They recently celebrated 55 years of marriage. With strong family ties to South Florida, fourteen family members now reside in Broward County.

Barry Unterbrink

Larry Unterbrink

 As independent advisors, we offer total objectivity in all of our recommendations. We "eat our own cooking," ensuring that your assets are managed with the same strategies we use to conduct our personal finances.

​ Most financial advisors are forced to aggressively meet sales and commission quotas and can only accomplish that with hundreds of clients using a cookie-cutter approach to their clients' investments. We have always limited our client base and will accept no more than 50 clients at any given time, allowing us to devote quality time to manage, meet with you and monitor your savings and investments very closely.

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